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SEO Migration

What is SEO Migration?

SEO Migration is the process of moving from one domain to another with minimal disruption to your organic search traffic. In other words, it’s keeping your organic traffic and rankings when you change domains that have been earned over time.

At its core, there are two types of SEO migration:

  1. Migrating your website content to a new domain name but keeping everything the same.
  2. Changing your website content, architecture and design while simultaneously moving to a new domain.

Both types of migrations require upfront planning, preparation and execution to ensure you don’t experience a drop in traffic and/or rankings.

Benefits of SEO Migration

Moving a website can be an exciting prospect. You can revamp the look and feel, update the content, add new features and functionality and so on. However, it’s also risky. Done incorrectly, it can lead to a loss of traffic from organic search. When considering any type of site migration or redesign, it’s important to first consider the risks and rewards.

  1. Making your URLs shorter, more readable and easier to remember.
  2. Make them more user-friendly.
  3. Shorter URLs increase CTR from Google SERPs.
  4. More readable URLs increase CTR from social networks.